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The new way to buy your website!

Starting up online bears important costs and we have found most people forget about their website once online while it should keep evolving over time – like their company does.

To answer our customer’s problems we have imagined a new service that not only makes it easier for our customers to get online but also ensures them that it will be kept up to date, secured, and maintained efficiently.

Our pay monthly contract

Think about your phone contract – but for your website. With our new pay monthly contract, you are now able to spread the cost of investment for your website whilst ensuring you have full support and ongoing maintenance throughout your contract.

Our new 12 and 24 month contract allows you to pay monthly for your website. You will have full website support throughout the contract including;

  • maintenance
  • updating
  • security check
  • back up
  • ongoing support

Upon renewing your contract you will be entitled to a redesign keeping your website feeling fresh and up to date.


12 Month or 24 Month?

We recommend the 12 month option for new businesses, limiting the commitment in time. For established businesses, we recommend  the 24 month option as it is the best value and the most future proof option!

Benefits For ALL Contracts

  • 12 or 24 MONTH CONTRACT


In terms of design we will ask you to provide examples of websites and designs you like. If it has already been made, then most likely we can do it for you.
The website will include all the features that you will need to get online including

  • contact form
  • social media widgets
  • website analytics
  • admin area allowing you to edit the content of the website
  • ability to add pages yourself

If you require further features (for example – an advanced filtering system), please check with us first as some requirements can be extremely time consuming. If this doesn’t fit within the contract we will let you know in advance and we will work out an alternative offer for you.

We have set a limit of 10 pages that will be included within the contract and that we will set up for you. Please note that you must provide content and images for these pages.

However you will be able to add as many pages as you like by yourself once the website has been set up. You will remain in full control of your website, updating and adding content whenever you like.

If you need more pages please let us know and we will work out our best deal for you.

If you are not happy with the design will work with you to change it and make something you love. If we are not able to satisfy your needs you can cancel the subscription and you will have nothing to pay.

Over time, the website needs maintenance to keep running properly, such as update and technical fixes. We will handle:

Training – We will show you how to use your website and we will be available at any time if you have a question about how to do something.

Maintenance – We will keep your website up to date and make sure that it works smoothly. We will also fix any security issues if they arise.

Support – If you notice anything wrong or have any questions about the website we will sort it out and/ or answer your questions. Maintenance also includes any simple content changes you want to make to the website, so if you want to change text or images, you can simply fires us an email and we will take care of it.

In short, we are always around to sort out the website when you need us – all included into the website on contract deal.

We invoice you to start the monthly payments and then we start building your website.

Depending on whether you would like a standard website, or a shopping system integrated with the website will affect the time scale.
For a standard website we will promise to have a first version of the website ready within a month.

Depending on amendments and receipt of content by yourselves it may take longer to publish the website, with your permission.

E-mail setup is included in the Website on Contract. You are free to use any e-mail setup you like.

For most of our customers we have found that Gmail via Google Apps is the easiest option. It will allow you to use your own domain name for your email and will allow you to access your work emails like if it was a normal Gmail account. Please note: the Google Apps subscription cost is not included.

If you don’t have any preference, we will set up standard e-mails on the server (using your domain name) – this is completely free of charge and will give you @yourdomainame.com e-mail addresses.

We will register one domain for you, one that’s available. If you decide to leave the contract we can transfer the domain to another provider.

UK based, fast and reliable hosting will be provided for your website.

If you would like to end your contract, you will then have to pay the outstanding balance for the contract. We will offer a 20% discount off the remaining balance.

Upon renewing your contract after 24 months, just like a phone contract, you will then be entitled to a redesign.

Yes you are able to get a redesign before the end of the contract. For this you have two options:

  • You can pay the remaining balance for the current contract (with a 20% discount) and then start a new 12 or 24 month contract
  • You can extend your current contract for another 12 or 24 months – which will bring the total contract to either 24 or 48 months

Simply get in touch and tell us about your project and we will get started!

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